Commit 001bd2e3 authored by Ciara O'Dwyer's avatar Ciara O'Dwyer
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tidied up some equations.

parent 88dabc13
......@@ -531,9 +531,8 @@ q_maxUpward2(gnu(grid, node, unit), msft(m, s, f, t))
+ (p_unit(unit, 'unitCount') - (v_online_LP(unit, s, f+df_central(f,t), t)))${uft_onlineLP(unit, f ,t) and not unit_investLP(unit)}
+ (p_unit(unit, 'unitCount') - (v_online_MIP(unit, s, f+df_central(f,t), t)))${uft_onlineMIP(unit, f, t)and not unit_investMIP(unit)}
// Investments to non-online capacity
// Investments to online capacity with offline reserve capability
+ sum(t_invest(t_)${ ord(t_)<=ord(t)
* and not uft_online(unit, f ,t)
+ (v_invest_LP(unit, t_) - v_online_LP(unit, s, f+df_central(f,t), t))${unit_investLP(unit)}
+ (v_invest_MIP(unit, t_) - v_online_MIP(unit, s, f+df_central(f,t), t))${unit_investMIP(unit)}
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