Commit 00e2f67d authored by Erkka Rinne's avatar Erkka Rinne
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Add new set for the m, s, f, t combinations including the previous sample

This can be used in non-anticipativity constraint equations.
parent 714cda18
......@@ -117,6 +117,7 @@ Sets
mft(mType, f, t) "Combination of forecasts and t:s in the current model solve"
msf(mType, s, f) "Combination of samples and forecasts in the models"
msft(mType, s, f, t) "Combination of models, samples, forecasts and t's"
msft_wPrevS(mType, s, f, t, s) "Combination of models, samples, forecasts and t's with previous sample"
mst(mType, s, t) "Combination of models samples and t's"
sft(s, f, t) "Combination of samples, forecasts and t's in the current model solve"
sft_realized(s, f, t) "Realized sft"
......@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@ tSolveFirst = ord(tSolve); // tSolveFirst: the start of the current solve, t0 u
// Initializing forecast-time structure sets
Option clear = p_stepLength;
Option clear = msft;
Option clear = msft_wPrevS;
Option clear = mft;
Option clear = ft;
Option clear = sft;
......@@ -357,6 +358,7 @@ loop(scenario $p_scenProbability(scenario),
Option clear = s_prev; s_prev(s) = yes;
msft_wPrevS(msft(mSolve, s, f, t), s_)$ss(s, s_) = yes;
......@@ -97,9 +97,11 @@ $endif.debug2
// Update the model specific sets and the reversed dimension set
Options clear=mft, clear=ms, clear=msf, clear=ms_central, clear=msft;
Option clear=msft_wPrevS;
msft(mSolve, sft(s, f, t)) = yes;
Options mft < msft, ms < msft, msf < msft, mst < msft;
Option ms_central < ms;
msft_wPrevS(msft(mSolve, s, f, t), s_)$ss(s, s_) = yes;
mst_start(mSolve, s, t)$mst_start(mSolve, s, t) = ms(mSolve, s);
mst_end(mSolve, s, t)$mst_end(mSolve, s, t) = ms(mSolve, s);
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