Commit 03103d54 authored by Niina Helistö's avatar Niina Helistö
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Updating the calculation of start-up emissions in q_emissioncap

Adding a check to ensure that the start-up fuel node is in gnGroup.

Issue #156
parent 25f8dac3
......@@ -3134,7 +3134,7 @@ q_emissioncap(group, emission)
+ v_startup_MIP(unit, starttype, s, f, t)
${ uft_onlineMIP(unit, f, t) }
* sum(nu(node, unit)${p_nEmission(node, emission)},
* sum(nu(node, unit)${sum(grid, gnGroup(grid, node, group)) and p_nEmission(node, emission)},
+ p_unStartup(unit, node, starttype) // MWh/start-up
* p_nEmission(node, emission) // kg/MWh
/ 1e3 // NOTE!!! Conversion to t/MWh from kg/MWh in data
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