Commit 0ed1c708 authored by Niina Helistö's avatar Niina Helistö
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Deleting the obsolete 'cV' parameter from 1a_definitions.gms

parent 316300d0
......@@ -268,7 +268,6 @@ param_gnu "Set of possible data parameters for grid, node, unit" /
conversionCoeff "Coefficient for conversion equation (multiplies each input or output when summing v_gen from multiple inputs/outputs)"
useInitialGeneration "A flag to indicate whether to fix generation for the first time step (binary)"
initialGeneration "Initial generation/consumption of the unit in the first time step (MW)"
cV "Reduction in primary output when increasing secondary output, e.g. reduction of electricity generation due to heat generation in extraction CHP (MWh_e/MWh_h)"
maxRampUp "Speed to ramp up (p.u./min)"
maxRampDown "Speed to ramp down (p.u./min)"
upperLimitCapacityRatio "Ratio of the upper limit of the node state and the unit capacity investment ([v_state]/MW)"
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