Commit 1beb6a12 authored by jussi ikäheimo's avatar jussi ikäheimo
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Correct balance penalty to use ts_node_ time series in objective.

parent c11e7d18
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ q_obj ..
+ sum(gn(grid, node),
+ vq_gen(inc_dec, grid, node, s, f, t)
*( PENALTY_BALANCE(grid, node)${not p_gnBoundaryPropertiesForStates(grid, node, 'balancePenalty', 'useTimeSeries')}
+ ts_node(grid, node, 'balancePenalty', f, t)${p_gnBoundaryPropertiesForStates(grid, node, 'balancePenalty', 'useTimeSeries')}
+ ts_node_(grid, node, 'balancePenalty', s, f, t)${p_gnBoundaryPropertiesForStates(grid, node, 'balancePenalty', 'useTimeSeries')}
) // END sum(gn)
) // END sum(inc_dec)
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