Commit 22987982 authored by Erkka Rinne's avatar Erkka Rinne
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New diagnostic parameter for time series scenarios

parent b1803a44
......@@ -194,5 +194,6 @@ Parameters
d_nodeState(grid, node, param_gnBoundaryTypes, s, f, t) "Diagnostic temperature forecasts (accounting for GAMS plotting error)"
d_influx(grid, node, s, f, t) "Diagnostic influx forecasts (accounting for GAMS plotting error)"
d_state(grid, node, scenario, f, t) "Diagnostic state results in each scenario"
d_ts_scenarios(timeseries, *, node, scenario, f, t) "Diagnostic time series values in scenarios"
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ r_qCapacity(gn(grid, node), f, t)
* =============================================================================
// Only include these if '--diag=yes' given as a command line argument
$iftheni.diag '%diag%' == yes
$iftheni.diag %diag% == 'yes'
// Capacity factors for examining forecast errors
d_capacityFactor(flowNode(flow, node), sft(s, f_solve(f), t_current(t)))
${ msf(mSolve, s, f)
......@@ -207,14 +207,15 @@ d_influx(gn(grid, node), sft(s, f_solve(f), t_current(t)))
+ ts_influx(grid, node, f, t)${ not ts_influx_(grid, node, f, t, s)}
+ Eps
Option clear = d_state; // Only keep latest results
// Scenario values for time series
Options clear = d_state, clear = d_ts_scenarios; // Only keep latest results
loop(s_scenario(s, scenario),
loop(mft_start(mSolve, f, t)$ms_initial(mSolve, s),
d_state(gn_state(grid, node), scenario, f, t) = v_state.l(grid, node, s, f, t);
loop(sft(s, f, t),
d_state(gn_state(grid, node), scenario, f, t) = v_state.l(grid, node, s, f, t);
d_state(gn_state, scenario, ft)$sft(s, ft) = v_state.l(gn_state, s, ft) + eps;
d_ts_scenarios('ts_influx', gn, scenario, ft)$sft(s, ft) = ts_influx_(gn, ft, s) + eps;
d_ts_scenarios('ts_cf', flowNode, scenario, ft)$sft(s, ft) = ts_cf_(flowNode, ft, s) + eps;
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