Commit 2719fe93 authored by Tomi J. Lindroos's avatar Tomi J. Lindroos
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populating un_commodity_in/out sets

parent c377acf7
......@@ -156,6 +156,8 @@ unit_minload(unit)${ p_unit(unit, 'op00') > 0 // If the first defined operati
unit_flow(unit)${ sum(flow, flowUnit(flow, unit)) }
= yes;
un_commodity(unit, commodity)$sum(grid, gnu(grid, commodity, unit)) = yes;
un_commodity_in(unit, commodity)$sum(grid, gnu_input(grid, commodity, unit)) = yes;
un_commodity_out(unit, commodity)$sum(grid, gnu_output(grid, commodity, unit)) = yes;
unit_commodity(unit)${ sum(node, un_commodity(unit, node)) }
= yes;
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