Commit 36022beb authored by ran li's avatar ran li Committed by ran li
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remove the flag:disableDummyGeneration, stills works with empty buses, suggested by Niina.

parent 42265509
......@@ -207,7 +207,6 @@ Sets
param_gn "Possible parameters for grid, node" /
selfDischargeLoss "Self discharge rate of the node (MW/[v_state])"
energyStoredPerUnitOfState "A possible unit conversion if v_state uses something else than MWh (MWh/[v_state])"
disableDummyGeneration "A flag to not use dummy generation for a empty node"
boundStart "A flag to bound the first t in the run using reference constant or time series"
boundStartAndEnd "A flag that both start and end are bound using reference constant or time series"
boundEnd "A flag to bound last t in each solve based on the reference constant or time series"
......@@ -355,7 +355,6 @@ gn_stateSlack(grid, node)${ sum((slack, useConstantOrTimeSeries), p_gnBoundaryPr
// Nodes with states
gn_state(grid, node)${ gn_stateSlack(grid, node)
or p_gn(grid, node, 'energyStoredPerUnitOfState')
or p_gn(grid, node, 'disableDummyGeneration')
or sum((stateLimits, useConstantOrTimeSeries), p_gnBoundaryPropertiesForStates(grid, node, stateLimits, useConstantOrTimeSeries))
or sum(useConstantOrTimeSeries, p_gnBoundaryPropertiesForStates(grid, node, 'reference', useConstantOrTimeSeries))
......@@ -365,6 +364,10 @@ gn_state(grid, node)${ gn_stateSlack(grid, node)
gn(grid, node)${ sum(unit, gnu(grid, node, unit))
or gn_state(grid, node)
or sum((f, t), ts_influx(grid, node, f, t))
or sum(node_, gn2n(grid, node, node_))
or sum(node_, gn2n(grid, node_, node))
or sum(node_, gnn_state(grid, node, node_))
or sum(node_, gnn_state(grid, node_, node))
= yes;
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