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......@@ -4,6 +4,15 @@ Backbone is a generic energy network optimization tool written in [GAMS](https:/
If you use Backbone in a published work, please cite the [following publication](, which describes the Backbone energy systems modelling framework.
*MDPI and ACS Style*
Helistö, N.; Kiviluoma, J.; Ikäheimo, J.; Rasku, T.; Rinne, E.; O’Dwyer, C.; Li, R.; Flynn, D. Backbone—An Adaptable Energy Systems Modelling Framework. Energies 2019, 12, 3388.
*AMA Style*
Helistö N, Kiviluoma J, Ikäheimo J, Rasku T, Rinne E, O’Dwyer C, Li R, Flynn D. Backbone—An Adaptable Energy Systems Modelling Framework. Energies. 2019; 12(17):3388.
*Chicago/Turabian Style*
Helistö, Niina, Juha Kiviluoma, Jussi Ikäheimo, Topi Rasku, Erkka Rinne, Ciara O’Dwyer, Ran Li, and Damian Flynn. 2019. "Backbone—An Adaptable Energy Systems Modelling Framework" Energies 12, no. 17: 3388.
## Getting Started
Check the Backbone wiki pages: [Backbone wiki](
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