Commit 44adb98f authored by Niina Helistö's avatar Niina Helistö
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Updates related to issue #85: ignoring 'empty' units and changing the...

Updates related to issue #85: ignoring 'empty' units and changing the condition when to expand effLevelGroupUnit
parent 1aa2d701
......@@ -480,9 +480,9 @@ tmp = smax(effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel, effSelector, unit), ord(effLevel));
// Expand the effLevelGroupUnit when possible, abort if impossible
effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel, effSelector, unit)
${not effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel, effSelector, unit)}
${not sum(effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel, effSelector_, unit), 1)}
= effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel - 1, effSelector, unit) // Expand previous (effLevel, effSelector) when applicable
loop(unit${not unit_flow(unit)},
loop(unit${not unit_flow(unit) and not sameas(unit, 'empty')},
If(not sum(effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel, effSelector, unit), 1),
put log '!!! Error on unit ' /;
put log '!!! Abort: Insufficient effLevelGroupUnit definitions!' /;
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