Commit 557afd88 authored by Erkka Rinne's avatar Erkka Rinne
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Fixed a bug which caused zero probability to the stochastic root node in long-term secnarios

parent 5b68dbe5
......@@ -283,6 +283,7 @@ $ifthen defined scenario
// Select root sample and central forecast
loop((ms_initial(mSolve, s_), mf_central(mSolve, f)),
s_active(s_) = yes;
p_msProbability(mSolve, s_)$mSettings(mSolve, 'scenarios') = 1;
loop(scenario$(ord(scenario) <= mSettings(mSolve, 'scenarios')),
s_scenario(s_, scenario) = yes;
if(mSettings(mSolve, 'scenarios') > 1,
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