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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Backbone has been designed with a modular structure, making it easier to change
Most of these files are under *\inc* in the Backbone folder, except for the model definition files being housed under *\defModels*. Other than the abovementioned files, a few key input files are required for Backbone to work. These are assumed to be found under *\input* and are briefly described below.
* inputData.gdx - Contains most of the input data about the system to be modelled.
* 1_options.gms - Contains options to control the solver. Not required but included if exists.
* 1_options.gms - Contains options to control the solver.
* - Contains definitions for the time, forecast and sample index ranges.
* modelsInit.gms - Contains model parameters for the solve (or a link to a template under *\defModels* to be used). Useful for any additional GAMS scripting.
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