Commit 5bc0345d authored by Erkka Rinne's avatar Erkka Rinne
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Clear additional sets after scenario reduction

parent 4d60dd33
......@@ -83,13 +83,17 @@ else
// Update sets
ms(mSolve, s)$ms(mSolve, s) = yes$p_msProbability(mSolve, s);
ms_central(mSolve, s)$ms_central(mSolve, s) = ms(mSolve, s);
msf(mSolve, s, f)$msf(mSolve, s, f) = ms(mSolve, s);
msft(mSolve, s, f, t)$msft(mSolve, s, f, t) = msf(mSolve, s, f);
sft(s, f, t)$sft(s, f, t) = yes$p_msProbability(mSolve, s);
mst_start(mSolve, s, t)$mst_start(mSolve, s, t) = ms(mSolve, s);
mst_end(mSolve, s, t)$mst_end(mSolve, s, t) = ms(mSolve, s);
// Clear data from removed samples
ts_influx_(gn, s_active(s), ft)$(not p_sProbability(s)) = 0;
ts_cf_(flowNode, s_active(s), ft)$(not p_sProbability(s)) = 0;
ts_node_(gn, param_gnBoundaryTypes, s_active(s), ft)$(not p_sProbability(s)) = 0;
s_active(s)$s_active(s) = yes$p_sProbability(s);
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