Commit 5e096cdc authored by Tomi J. Lindroos's avatar Tomi J. Lindroos
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Fixing issue #148

parent ea843381
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ q_resDemand(restypeDirectionGroup(restype, up_down, group), sft(s, f, t))
// NOTE! This could be solved by formulating a new "ft_reserves" set to cover only the relevant forecast-time steps, but it would possibly make the reserves even more confusing.
q_resDemandLargestInfeedUnit(restypeDirectionGroup(restype, 'up', group), unit_fail(unit_), sft(s, f, t))
${ ord(t) < tSolveFirst + p_groupReserves(group, restype, 'reserve_length')
${ ord(t) <= tSolveFirst + p_groupReserves(group, restype, 'reserve_length')
and not [ restypeReleasedForRealization(restype)
and ft_realized(f, t)
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