Commit 653ab799 authored by Tomi J. Lindroos's avatar Tomi J. Lindroos
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Fixed emission result table descriptions

parent 2644b5b5
......@@ -126,10 +126,10 @@ Parameters
r_emissions (node, emission, unit, f, t) "Emissions from units (tCO2)"
// Emission sums
r_nuTotalEmissions (node, unit, emission) "Total emissions from units (tCO2)"
r_nTotalEmissions(node, emission) "Emissions in gn (tCO2)"
r_uTotalEmissions(unit, emission) "Emissions in gn (tCO2)"
r_totalEmissions (emission) "Summed emissions (tCO2)"
r_nuTotalEmissions (node, unit, emission) "node unit total emissions (tCO2)"
r_nTotalEmissions(node, emission) "node total emissions (tCO2)"
r_uTotalEmissions(unit, emission) "unit total emissions (tCO2)"
r_totalEmissions (emission) "Total emissions (tCO2)"
* --- Unit Online State Results -----------------------------------------------
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