Commit 78b1cccf authored by Juha Kiviluoma's avatar Juha Kiviluoma
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Adding ' ' around %output_dir% in Backbone.gms to avoid spaces in file path.

Does not help in my version of GAMS (24.1), since PUT writing facility fails with this. Hopefully works with newer versions.
parent 68ecb62a
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ $if not set input_excel_index $setglobal input_excel_index 'INDEX'
$if not set input_excel_checkdate $setglobal input_excel_checkdate ''
* Make sure output dir exists
$if not dexist %output_dir% $call 'mkdir %output_dir%'
$if not dexist '%output_dir%' $call 'mkdir %output_dir%'
* Activate end of line comments and set comment character to '//'
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ $eolcom //
$onempty // Allow empty data definitions
* Output file streams
Files log /''/, gdx /''/, f_info /'%output_dir%/info.txt'/;
Files log /''/, gdx /''/, f_info /'%output_dir%\info.txt'/;
* Include options file to control the solver (if it does not exist, uses defaults)
$ifthen exist '%input_dir%/1_options.gms'
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