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Removing the template for the obsolete

parent 36022beb
$gdxin 'input/inputData_ext.gdx'
$loaddcm grid
$loaddcm node
$loaddcm flow
$loaddcm unittype
$loaddcm unit
$loaddcm unitUnittype
$loaddcm fuel
$loaddcm unitUnit_aggregate
$loaddcm uFuel
$loaddcm effLevelGroupUnit
$loaddcm p_gn
$loaddcm p_gnn
$loaddcm p_gnu
$loaddcm p_unit
$loaddcm ts_unit
$loaddcm p_nReserves
$loaddcm p_nuReserves
$loaddcm ts_reserveDemand
$loaddcm p_gnBoundaryPropertiesForStates
*$loaddcm p_gnuBoundaryProperties
$loaddcm p_gnPolicy
$loaddcm p_uFuel
$loaddcm flowUnit
$loaddcm gngnu_fixedOutputRatio
$loaddcm gngnu_constrainedOutputRatio
$loaddcm emission
$loaddcm p_fuelEmission
$loaddcm ts_cf
$loaddcm ts_fuelPriceChange
$loaddcm ts_influx
$loaddcm ts_nodeState
$loaddcm t_invest
$loaddcm group
$loaddcm uGroup
$loaddcm gnuGroup
$loaddcm gn2nGroup
$loaddcm gnGroup
$loaddcm p_groupPolicy
$loaddcm p_groupPolicy3D
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