Commit 8dd0e629 authored by Juha Kiviluoma's avatar Juha Kiviluoma
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Removing unused terms

parent 5b575356
......@@ -317,7 +317,6 @@ param_unit "Set of possible data parameters for units" /
hrop00 * hrop12 "Right border of the incremental heat rates"
section "Possibility to define a no load fuel use for units with zero minimum output"
hrsection "no load fuel use to be defined when using incremental heat rates"
level1 * level9 "Level of simplification in the part-load efficiency representation"
useTimeseries "A flag to use time series form input for unit parameters whenever possible"
investMIP "A flag to make integer investment instead of continous investment"
maxUnitCount "Maximum number of units when making integer investments"
......@@ -188,7 +188,6 @@ Sets
availability "Availability of given energy conversion technology (p.u.)"
useInitialOnlineStatus "A flag to fix the online status of a unit for the first time step (binary)"
initialOnlineStatus "Initial online status of the unit in the first time step (0-1)"
unavailability "Unavailability of given energy conversion technology (p.u.)"
startCostCold "Variable start-up costs for cold starts excluding fuel costs (EUR/MW)"
startCostWarm "Variable start-up costs for warm starts excluding fuel costs (EUR/MW)"
startCostHot "Variable start-up costs for hot starts excluding fuel costs (EUR/MW)"
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