Commit 9733d67f authored by Juha Kiviluoma's avatar Juha Kiviluoma
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Include 1e_scenChanges.gms properly

parent fe56c326
......@@ -75,15 +75,10 @@ $ifthen exist '%input_dir%/'
$$include '%input_dir%/'
$ifthen exist '%input_dir%/'
$$include '%input_dir%/'
$ifthen exist '%input_dir%/unit3.gdx'
$$gdxin '%input_dir%/unit3.gdx'
$$loaddcm unit
* Read changes to inputdata through and gdx files (e.g. node2.gdx, unit2.gdx, unit3.gdx) - allows scenarios through Sceleton Titan Excel files.
$include 'inc/1e_scenChanges.gms'
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