Commit 97867ddb authored by Topi Rasku's avatar Topi Rasku
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Performance update to *dt* calculation between samples.

parent 73160f78
......@@ -439,7 +439,9 @@ loop(ms(mSolve, s),
); // END loop(ms)
// Displacement from the first interval of a sample to the previous interval is always -1,
// except for stochastic samples
dt(t)${sum(ms(mSolve, s)$(not ms_central(mSolve, s)), mst_start(mSolve, s, t))} = -1;
${ sum(ms(mSolve, s)$(not ms_central(mSolve, s)), mst_start(mSolve, s, t)) }
= -1;
// Forecast index displacement between realized and forecasted intervals
// NOTE! This set cannot be reset without references to previously solved time steps in the stochastic tree becoming ill-defined!
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