Commit b9400d0c authored by Niina Helistö's avatar Niina Helistö
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Updating r_uFuelEmissionCost calculation in r_gnRealizedOperatingCost.

Issue #161
parent 3db7e96a
......@@ -235,18 +235,16 @@ loop(m,
= + sum(gnu(grid, node, unit),
// VOM costs
+ r_gnuVOMCost(grid, node, unit, f, t)
+ r_uFuelEmissionCost(grid, node, unit, f, t)
// Allocate fuel and startup costs on energy basis, but for output nodes only
// Allocate startup costs on energy basis, but for output nodes only
+ sum(unit$(r_gen(grid, node, unit, f, t)$gnu_output(grid, node, unit)),
+ abs{r_gen(grid, node, unit, f, t)} // abs is due to potential negative outputs like energy from a cooling unit. It's the energy contribution that matters, not direction.
/ sum(gnu_output(grid_output, node_output, unit),
+ abs{r_gen(grid_output, node_output, unit, f, t)}
) // END sum(gnu_output)
+ sum(gnu_input(grid_, node_, unit), r_uFuelEmissionCost(grid_, node_, unit, f, t))
+ r_uStartupCost(unit, f, t)
* r_uStartupCost(unit, f, t)
+ sum(gn2n_directional(grid, node_, node),
// Variable Transfer costs
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