Commit bc748ee7 authored by Topi Rasku's avatar Topi Rasku
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Fixing an issue where the "r_gnConsumption" would not be recorded properly.

parent 3938b3d1
......@@ -174,7 +174,6 @@ loop(m,
r_gnConsumption(gn(grid, node), ft_realizedNoReset(f, t))$[ord(t) > mSettings(m, 't_start') + mSettings(m, 't_initializationPeriod')]
= p_stepLengthNoReset(m, f, t)
* sum(msft(m, s, f, t), p_msft_probability(m, s, f, t))
* [
+ min(ts_influx(grid, node, f, t), 0) // Not necessarily a good idea, as ts_influx contains energy gains as well...
+ sum(gnu_input(grid, node, unit),
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