Commit c377acf7 authored by Tomi J. Lindroos's avatar Tomi J. Lindroos
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Adding separate un_commodity_in/out sets to correct vom and emission calculations

parent 0a46739f
......@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ Sets
unitUnittype(unit, *) "Link generation technologies to types"
unitStarttype(unit, starttype) "Units with special startup properties"
un_commodity(unit, node) "Units linked with commodities"
un_commodity_in(unit, node) "Units linked with input commodities"
un_commodity_out(unit, node) "Units linked with input commodities"
unittype "Unit technology types"
unit_investLP(unit) "Units with continuous investments allowed"
unit_investMIP(unit) "Units with integer investments allowed"
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