Commit c51af071 authored by Niina Helistö's avatar Niina Helistö
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Adding a comment for the calculation of the diffusion result parameter r_gnnDiffusion

Issue #159
parent 714cda18
......@@ -121,6 +121,9 @@ loop(m,
]; // END * 1e-6
// Diffusion from node to node_
// Note that this result paramater does not necessarily consider the
// implicit node state variable dynamics properly if energyStoredPerUnitOfState
// is not equal to 0
r_gnnDiffusion(gn_state(grid, node), node_, ft_realizedNoReset(f,startp(t)))
${gnn_state(grid, node, node_) or gnn_state(grid, node_, node)}
= p_gnn(grid, node, node_, 'diffCoeff') * r_state(grid, node, f, t)
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