Commit d34d522f authored by Erkka Rinne's avatar Erkka Rinne
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Fix some compilation warnings

There were warnings about nested $ifthen structures and stray names
with spurious commas in symbol declarations.

(cherry picked from commit 132360e3)
parent 7a3bb355
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ $eolcom //
$onempty // Allow empty data definitions
* Output file streams
files log /''/, gdx, f_info /'%output_dir%/info.txt'/;
Files log /''/, gdx /''/, f_info /'%output_dir%/info.txt'/;
* Include options file to control the solver
$include '%input_dir%/1_options.gms';
......@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ Scalars
continueLoop "Helper to stop the looping early"
currentForecastLength "Length of the forecast in the curren solve, minimum of unchanging and decreasing forecast lengths"
count "General counter"
count_lambda, count_lambda2 "Counter for lambdas"
count_lambda2 "Counter for lambdas"
count_sample "Counter for samples"
cum_slope "Cumulative for slope"
cum_lambda "Cumulative for lambda"
......@@ -416,12 +416,12 @@ loop(effLevelGroupUnit(effLevel, effGroup, unit)${ mSettingsEff(mSolve, effLeve
* --- Input data processing ---------------------------------------------------
* =============================================================================
$ifthen defined scenario
$ifthen.scenarios defined scenario
* --- Scenario reduction ------------------------------------------------------
if(active(mSolve, 'scenred') and mSettings('schedule', 'scenarios') > 1,
$$include 'inc/scenred.gms'
* --- Update probabilities ----------------------------------------------------
Option clear = p_msft_probability;
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