Commit e3d1b07c authored by Juha Kiviluoma's avatar Juha Kiviluoma
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Merge branch 'Fix_ramp_constraints_origin' into Fix_ramp_constraints

# Conflicts:
#	Backbone.gms
parents ea601b48 a8ae419d
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ $include 'inc\1e_inputs.gms' // Load input data
* === Variables and equations =================================================
$include 'inc\2a_variables.gms' // Define variables for the models
$include 'inc\2b_equations.gms' // Equation declarations
$include 'inc\2b_eqDeclarations.gms' // Equation declarations
$ifthen exist 'input\2c_alternative_objective.gms' // Objective function - either the default or an alternative from input files
$$include 'input\2c_alternative_objective.gms';
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