Commit eda98217 authored by ran li's avatar ran li
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Fix a small bug

parent ca4f1651
......@@ -331,9 +331,9 @@ q_resDemandLargestInfeedTransfer2(grid, restypeDirectionNode(restype, 'down', no
// Demand for reserves due to potential interconnector failures
+ p_gnn(grid, node_fail, node, 'portion_of_transfer_to_reserve')
* v_transferRightward(grid, node_fail, node, s, f, t)
* v_transferLeftward(grid, node_fail, node, s, f, t)
+ p_gnn(grid, node, node_fail, 'portion_of_transfer_to_reserve')
* v_transferLeftward(grid, node, node_fail, s, f, t)
* v_transferRightward(grid, node, node_fail, s, f, t)
// Reserve provisions to another nodes via transfer links
+ sum(gn2n_directional(grid, node, node_)${restypeDirectionNodeNode(restype, 'up', node, node_)},
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