Commit fb6bcd58 authored by DaKi404's avatar DaKi404
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Update 1e_inputs.gms

Added ts_unitConstraintNode to loaded inputs. Updated the error message concerning p_unitConstraintNode, but might require another patch
parent ffa8277f
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ $ifthen exist '%input_dir%/inputData.gdx'
* $$loaddc p_price // Disabled for convenience, see line 278-> ("Determine Fuel Price Representation")
$$loaddc ts_priceChange
$$loaddc ts_influx
$$loaddc ts_unitConstraintNode
$$loaddc ts_node
$$loaddc p_s_discountFactor
$$loaddc t_invest
......@@ -575,11 +576,11 @@ loop( unit${sum(commodity$p_uStartupfuel(unit, commodity, 'fixedFuelFraction'),
loop( unit${sum((constraint, node)$p_unitConstraintNode(unit, constraint, node), 1)},
if(sum((constraint, node)$p_unitConstraintNode(unit, constraint, node), 1) < 2,
loop( unit${sum((constraint, node)$p_unitConstraintNode(unit, constraint, node, 'coefficient'), 1)},
if(sum((constraint, node)$p_unitConstraintNode(unit, constraint, node, 'coefficient'), 1) < 2,
put log '!!! Error occurred on unit ' /;
put log '!!! Abort: constraint requires at least two inputs or outputs!' /;
abort "a constraint has to have more tha one input or output!"
abort "a constraint has to have more than one input or output!"
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