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Reserve demand can now also depend on the generation of units (with a factor...

Reserve demand can now also depend on the generation of units (with a factor given in p_nuReserves(node, unit, restype, 'reserve_increase_ratio')).
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......@@ -324,6 +324,7 @@ param_policy "Set of possible data parameters for grid, node, regulation" /
gate_closure "Number of timesteps ahead of dispatch that reserves are fixed"
use_time_series "Flag for using time series data. !!! REDUNDANT WITH useTimeseries, PENDING REMOVAL !!!"
reserveReliability "Reliability parameter of reserve provisions"
reserve_increase_ratio "Unit output is multiplied by this factor to get the increase in reserve demand"
emissionCap "Emission limit (tonne)"
instantaneousShareMax "Maximum instantaneous share of generation and import from a particular group of units and transfer links"
energyShareMax "Maximum energy share of generation from a particular group of units"
......@@ -116,6 +116,12 @@ q_resDemand(restypeDirectionNode(restype, up_down, node), ft(f, t))
+ ts_reserveDemand_(restype, up_down, node, f, t)${p_nReserves(node, restype, 'use_time_series')}
+ p_nReserves(node, restype, up_down)${not p_nReserves(node, restype, 'use_time_series')}
// Reserve demand increase because of units
+ sum(nuft(node, unit, f, t)${p_nuReserves(node, unit, restype, 'reserve_increase_ratio')}, // Could be better to have 'reserve_increase_ratio' separately for up and down directions
+ sum(grid, v_gen(grid, node, unit, f, t)) // Reserve sets and variables are currently lacking the grid dimension...
* p_nuReserves(node, unit, restype, 'reserve_increase_ratio')
) // END sum(nuft)
// Reserve provisions to another nodes via transfer links
+ sum(gn2n_directional(grid, node, node_)${restypeDirectionNodeNode(restype, up_down, node_, node)}, // If trasferring reserves to another node, increase your own reserves by same amount
+ v_resTransferRightward(restype, up_down, node, node_, f+df_reserves(node, restype, f, t), t)
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