Updating 'annual' energy constraints

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From user perspective:

  • Deleting the p_groupPolicy(group, 'energyMaxVgenSign') parameter. For a minimum energy constraint, the user should now add a positive p_groupPolicy(group, 'energyMin').
  • For constraints with p_groupPolicy(group, 'energyShareMax') or p_groupPolicy(group, 'energyShareMin'), the user should now also add the consumption units to be considered in the constraint to gnuGroup. Previously they were automatically considered if they connected to nodes in gnGroup. This was problematic for storage units.

From model code perspective:

  • Rearranging q_energyMax(group), q_energyShareMax(group), and q_energyShareMin(group) constraints to q_energyLimit(group, min_max) and q_energyShareLimit(group, min_max) constraints.

Issue #157 (closed)

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