• Dynamic inertia requirements based on loss of unit and loss of export/import (ROCOF constraints)
  • N-1 reserve requirement for transfer links
  • A separate parameter to tell whether units can provide offline reserve (non-spinning reserve)
  • Maximum share of reserve provision from a group of units
  • All input files, including inputData.gdx, are optional
  • Enabling different combinations of LP and MIP online and invest variables
  • Separate availability parameter for output units in the capacity margin constraint
  • Parameter gn_forecasts(*, node, timeseries) to tell which nodes and timeseries use forecasts


  • Reserve requirements are now based on groups (previously node based)
  • Changed the v_startup (and v_shutdown) variables into integers to improve the performance online approximations
  • Updated tool definitions for Sceleton Titan and Spine Toolbox
  • The program will now stop looping in case of execution errors
  • Scenario reduction is done based on total available energy
  • Maintain original scenario labels after reduction
  • Clear time series data from droppped samples after scenario reduction


  • Removed hard-coded elec grids from setVariableLimits and rampSched files
  • Cyclic bounds between different samples was not working correctly (#97)
  • Time series smoothing not working at all (#100)
  • Fix a number of compilation warnings
  • Limiting the provision of online reserve based on the online variable
  • Sample probability bug from scenario reduction (probability of single scenario above one)